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October 25, 2018 at 2:00 PM
by Trip Travel Now
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Do you dream of traveling to far away (or not so far away) places, but travel costs prohibit your dreams from coming true? If so, we have great news for you. TripTravelNow has developed a service that makes travel affordable. When you subscribe to our members-only travel plan, you’ll benefit from unbelievable savings on flights, hotels, cruises and more.

Now that you know your travel dreams can be realized, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why traveling can be so expensive and how we’re able to offer our members the best deals.

The unfair practice of rate parity

Rate parity is a controversial topic in the travel industry. And we won’t hesitate to say that it’s absolutely unfair to travelers.   

Simply put, rate parity is the legal agreement between hotels and public online travel agencies (OTA). This agreement ensures that hotels charge every public OTA the same price for the same type of hotel room. Hotel room prices are subject to change, but when they do, the change is across the board. No public OTA receives special treatment when it comes to the hotel pricing. For the public OTA to have competitive prices, they have to cut their hotel commissions. As you might imagine, they will only lower prices to a certain level and these are still not going to be the best deals.

We don’t think this is fair to the consumer, which is why we’re offering a better way to travel. Because TripTravelNow is a private website, we aren’t subject to rate parity and our prices are significantly lower than the public rates on popular booking sites. We require a login to view our affordable travel options, then we pass these lower prices on to our members. 

We structure our service this way simply because we think it’s what’s fair. The general public is unfamiliar with the detriments of rate parity, which is why what TripTravelNow offers is both unusual and revolutionary.

Travel agency commissions and fees

Travel agencies make their money by earning commissions or charging travel fees. At TripTravelNow, we make our money off subscriptions — that’s it. We don’t have to worry about charging extra fees. Our members know what their membership costs are, there are no hidden or surprise fees tacked on.

When we earn a commission from a cruise line, we pass that amount on to the TripTravelNow member that booked the trip. This payment is made either by check or in the form of reward credits.

You’ll find that in the long run, you not only save money, but you reap benefits that you won’t find when booking your travel through public OTAs.

TripTravelNow membership

We offer TripTravelNow members a variety of plans to choose from and are confident you'll find one that fits your budget and travel needs. 

A one-time membership fee and a low monthly rate will give you access to a plan that offers both amazing deals and 30,000 reward credits a year, which can be used toward travel purchases. You’ll be able to travel around the world at wholesale prices that aren’t available to the public. You’ll also earn additional reward credits for each trip you take, which add up and can be used toward free vacations for you and your loved ones. Take a free trip each year with your 30,000 earned credits alone! 

We also offer plans with even lower monthly rates that don’t accrue reward credits but still grant you access to our private discounts. Still unsure if TripTravelNow is the right travel service for you? No problem. We offer a 7-day, all-access trial for new members. 

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We look forward to helping you make your travel dreams come true. 

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